Burial of John Franklin. Author: me


Kabloonas is the way in which the Inuit who live in the north part of Canada call those who haven´t their same ascendency.

The first time i read this word was in the book "Fatal Passage" by Ken McGoogan, when, as the result of the conversations between John Rae and some inuit, and trying to find any evidence of the ill-fated Sir John Franklin Expedition, some of then mentioned that they watched how some kabloonas walked to die in the proximities of the river Great Fish.

I wish to publish this blog to order and share all those anecdotes that I´ve been finding in the arctic literature about arctic expeditions. My interest began more than 15 years ago reading a little book of my brother about north and south pole expeditions. I began reading almost all the bibliography about Antarctic expeditions and the superknown expeditions of Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, etc. After I was captured by the Nansen, Nobile and Engineer Andree. But the most disturbing thing in that little book, full of pictures, was the two pages dedicated to the last Franklin expedition of the S.XIX, on that moment I thought that given the time on which this and others expeditions happened, few or any additional information could be obtained about it. I couldn´t imagine that after those two pages It would be a huge iceberg full of stories, unresolved misteries, anecdotes, etc. I believe that this iceberg, on the contrary than others, would continue growing instead melting.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012


Dear collegues:

Here you have a beautiful jewell (even with a zoom tool) to make your own suppositions.

The detailed map with the explorers finds about the last Franklin expedition in KWI:


Is fresh like fish recently caught fish!! for those which aren´t in facebook...I´ve learned the existence of the searching expedition from the specific site dedicated to the last Franklin expedition on which I recomend to sign up to be alert of the fresh news:

This is the site in CBC news dedicated to the new searching expedition:


I hope you will enjoy it!!

I am sure that we are going to have also fresh news from the lost ships in a short time...

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  1. Yes it is wonderful, but it´s not my finding, several persons put the link in the facebook site and I wanted to share it with all of you.

    Russell put a long time ago in his blog a part of this map and the links to the site where a lot of digitalized maps are:


    The author of it is the Commander Rupert Thomas Gould. I think that with this map in one hand and with the book "Unravelling the Franklin mistery" in the other (as I am going to do soon) you can spend hours trying to get an idea of what happened there.

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